Saturday, March 3, 2007

Pics of Tamale

They say a picture tells a thousand words, so I thought that rather than try and describe Tamale, I may as well go through my photo album form last July and just show you what it looks like.
OK so first off is the house I stayed at in Jisonayili from Sept 06 til a few weeks ago. I know, it's quite luxurious! And with running water (mostly) and power, I do realise it severely undermines my street cred as a volunteer! How can I claim that while in Ghana, I am living as Ghanaians do? But after having bucket showers for a while, I am just grateful that i was so lucky (and I still am pretty lukcy at my new place too).
Next is a photo from the archives of the wonderful Marit and Mara, 2 American volunteers who stayed for a month doing a photo exchange project. I just wanted you to see how lots of young girls go around selling various things on their heads, from tomatoes to biscuits. In my experience, it's these junior sellers who will never cheat you or quote outrageous prices!
Next we have a lady selling biscuits and a snap of Tamale market (actually quite a scenic view, not necessarily very representative of the whole market! most parts are way more hectic, and if you saw the meat section, with whole cow heads sitting there beside piles of entrails... you would probably turn vegetarian!).
Then we have Asia (caretaker of the house) and her friend Amata, both trainee semastresses, carrying their machines over to Asia's house.
I'm afraid that is all for now as my time on the computer is running out! Will down load more during the week, as it Ghana Independence Day on Tuesday, celebrating 50 years of Ghana's independence, so we also have Wednesday off too! Why have just one holiday if you could have two? Everyone is getting really excited here, buying T shirts and caps, practising marches and dnacing. it's gonna be great!
Bye for now. Happy Ghana Independence Day!

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