Saturday, March 10, 2007

In the very beginning...

Yes, I am indeed going back in time here, to when I first arrived in fact. When I got here last June, I didn't have a web log, so bit by bit I am putting on photos from all the months in between. So forgive me for jumping around in time...

The first pic is my farewell drinks in London:I asked my friends to pull a silly face for the camera, and everyone performed to their utmost. (Looking beautiful are: Nino, Leon and me, and bottom row: Jay, Celia and Ella. Please note this is not representative of how we look on any night out on the town...).

Next is my host family minus Mum (she was working that day): Mr Ayabah with my 'sisters' Naomi and Ruth. Next is a pic of the family decked out in their finery for a wedding, with 2 friends. Sister Mary, my host mum, is centre in the green and yellow dress.

Then we have me with Ruth, the baby of the family, and then Auntie Sharon (who I shared a room with) doing the washing. It's really unusual for people to have washing machine here, so hours are spent every week washing clothes. I am constantly amazed at how white and shining people get their clothes, especially with all the dust that's around this time of year, and I was always teased by my host family for the fact that I take 2 hours to wash clothes they would wash in half an hour. I never did work out the secret.

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