Saturday, March 10, 2007


I keep coming across other pictures from months ago, so imagine that this is a bulletin baord and I am just pinning new pics up fro you as I find them.

At the top is my 'Accra family', the picture taken when I first arrived. I was trying to explain that white people's hair can also be frizzy, so I used the same bouffiness-creation technique I used to use to entertain Michael and Nina when we were kids (put your head down and brush ahr wildly) and the ladies were duly impressed. Mary is on the left (Kwame's sister), with her daughter Namao and their cousin.

Below that is me in braids (with Ruth making a business call on the phone). I actually took the braids out after 1 week, to the disappointment of my host family, as they were sooo hot and itched the back of my neck terribly.

Next we have the little cloth sellers in the market, followed by some pictures from Maltiti Vocational Centre, my first position here. The girls had done their own personal profiles (eg: whether they are from, their favourite food, their favourite animal etc) and each had to read it out to the class. Faiza was a little shy and was being encouraged by Kirsten, another volunteer, and next all the girls posed proudly with their profiles. Usually they just wrote boring sentences from the blackboard, so they were really pleased to create something colourful and about themselves that they could take home.

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